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    Our office is open Monday through Thursday from 7:30am-5:00pm We can be reached 24 hours a day in the event of an emergency.


    Our office is located at 1150 Crater Lake Avenue Suite C Medford, OR 97504 (Across the street from Providence Hospital)

  • We will do everything we can to help you get the most out of your insurance benefits. Keep in mind that dental insurance rarely covers 100% of costs, and is only meant to assist in making dental care more affordable. Our office will call your insurance to find out what your dental benefits are. We can only estimate the amount of coverage your policy will pay. Please remember this in only an estimate, sometimes in treatment other procedures may be come necessary. We will keep you informed of all changes that take place. The estimated portion you are responsible for must be paid at the time of service. As a service to you, we will bill your insurance company for the services provided.

    Please keep in mind your insurance is a contract between you, your employer, and the insurance company. A dentist is not a party to that contract. We need you to keep all your dental insurance information current so that we can maximize your dental benefits. We do not base your diagnosed treatment on insurance coverage. We base it on your needs and desires. However, we will work to the best of our ability to get you your maximum insurance benefits.